Andrea Cook provides art therapy services to individuals, couples, people in polyamourous relationships at Intimage Creative Arts Therapy and the Kinatex Pelvic Health Clinic in Montreal. She specializes in using creativity to help address the mental and emotional aspects of pelvic health, intimate communication, and sexuality.

Andrea values an integrative approach to wellness that connects all aspects of the individual: mind, body, heart, and soul, and that how we understand, think about and feel are a product of multiple environments and influences that surround us. She observed through her own personal journey with physical rehabilitation following the birth of her child that strong thoughts, feelings, and emotions would come up during treatment sessions. At the time services to explore the mental sides of her struggle were not readily available. She collaborates with a team of multidisciplinary pelvic health specialists and using the tools of her trade, art, creativity and psychology has developed therapeutic services to assist others express, validate, connect and heal feelings, thoughts, stress and anxiety related to pelvic health.

Before becoming an Art Therapist, she was a professional photographer, and combines her passion for people and art in her therapeutic practice. She graduated from Concordia University with an MA in art therapy and has two BA’s in Psychology and Liberal Arts. She developed an Art Therapy internship program for children, students, couples and families at Concordia University and her research using photography to explore immigration narratives and build community with student mothers was recognized with the prestigious Pearlie Roberson Award and the Art Hive Internship Award.

Andrea cook is also a parent, an LGBTQ 2TIA+, ethical non-monogamous and monogamous and sex worker allied therapist with a dedication to continuing to find creative ways to connect and help people be their best intimate and sexual selves.

Yours truly,
Andrea Cook

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Absolutely no artistic skills are required! Everyone, regardless of age, gender, background, and identity can benefit from art therapy.