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Self-care strategies
emotional balance
Attention - concentration
Identity - purpose
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Career - Financial
Death and Grief
Physical or hormonal change
Menopause - Andropause
Pregnancy - birth
Gender transition
Body image


Create quality time together
Explore relational dynamics
Define relationship constellation
Relational and sexual communication
Sexual orientation
desire - libido
Relational and sexual communication
Connect body and sexuality


Together we will work through any difficulties you are facing with your mental health, relationships, intimacy, communication, and sexuality. Our sessions will be solutions-focused, individual or as a couple, and in-person or over Zoom.

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"Art Therapy was a revelation for me. Being a result-oriented person, it allowed me to recognize the value of the artistic process. It has also helped me discover emotions that my rational mind had hidden very far in a drawer. Art Therapy also helped me pass through the most difficult part of my life. Andrea is a formidable therapist. Open-minded, kind and skillful in her interventions, she offers a space without taboo where the first objective is the realisation of the full potential of her patients. Thank you for everything Andrea."

— Andrée

"Through her kindness and repeated encouragement, Andrea has given me the confidence to trust my authentic way. It feels good to be able to work with someone on the taboos related to sexuality, and art-therapy is an excellent outlet. I was able to connect to sensations lost during my childhood. I was able to connect with my story, the weight of my education. I thank Andrea for her clear-sightedness and her listening ear. "

— Bianca


Q: What is Art Therapy?

A: The problems we face can be difficult to articulate through language alone. Every one of us is gifted with creativity, and you certainly don’t have to be an accomplished artist to create and express yourself through visual symbols. In fact, we communicate through images as children before we even learn language!

The role of the art therapist is to assist clients in tapping into these innate creative abilities so that they may better identify and express their emotions and strengthen the relationship between body and sexuality. Throughout this process clients will develop coping strategies and reach new levels of awareness of themselves and others. The creative language that each individual spontaneously develops will allow them to evolve, improve their self-knowledge, and broaden their consciousness.

Absolutely no artistic skills are required! Everyone, regardless of age, gender, background, and identity can benefit from art therapy.


Q: How Does Art Therapy Relate to Intimacy and Sexuality?

A: So many of my clients struggle with feeling heard, with feeling unable to express their needs and desires, and find it hard to put their feelings into words. They read psychological theory or seek traditional counselling and find that the results do not last. This can be because the new tools have not been integrated into their unique ways of relating to others and the world. Intimage uses creativity to identify new perspectives and modes of understanding the self and others. In art therapy you will develop individualized methods of expressing yourself and navigating your intimate and sexual relationships, with the guidance of a trained and experienced professional.

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Q: How do we get to living our best intimate life?

Uncover and access emotions, thoughts, and feelings related to intimacy that might be difficult to put into words.

Recognize the physical cues indicating emotions being activated, notice when they arise and what behaviours coincide with them.

Understand how your relationship(s), attitudes about relationships, and intimacy, love, and/or sex have developed over time and are causing you to feel stuck.

Discover new ways of looking at the pattern, responding and strategizing to communicate those thoughts, feelings, wants, and needs related to intimacy and sexuality with a partner or partners.

A: The Intimage Pathway


All of us deserve love, understanding, pleasure, and support.

01. Communication issues related to intimacy & sex

We all want to be seen and heard, to have our feelings and desires acknowledged and honoured. Over Zoom video calls or in-person, we will meet weekly one-on-one or as a group. You will learn strategies for communicating through difficult emotions, expressing your needs without guilt, shame, judgment, or jealousy. Our sessions are a safe space to feel how you feel, tell your truth, and hear your partner’s.

02. Depression and anxiety related to intimacy issues

It is important to feel that you have a full life, to experience contentment, confidence, and to be free of excessive negative or intrusive thoughts or feelings. Together we will work to help you understand the source of your feelings and thoughts, especially as they relate to intimacy. You will look at your life in relationships as if through a window, observing what in the present might be triggering your feelings. You will find and create solutions to use in your everyday life to counteract these feelings, accept what is beyond your control, and adapt to a new lifestyle that is more functional and positive.

03. Sexual challenges or dysfunction (pain, lack of desire or low libido, etc.)

Through a series of workshops and/or one on one sessions you will explore creative solutions to sexual problems. Accepting, understanding, and adapting to how our bodies affect our thoughts is a critical part of tuning into our sexual identities. Using artistic tools and creative expression you will identify new ways of looking at your circumstances and develop methods of enhancing pleasure and minimizing discomfort.

We will work to uncover the roots and triggers that may lead to lack of sexual desire, inability to feel pleasure, or pain with intercourse. I will help you incorporate playfulness, creativity, and novelty into your own definitions of desire and sex, whatever they may be.

Yours truly,
Andrea Cook

Often when we feel hopeless it is not because of what the problem is but how we are looking at it. How do we address problems and what solutions are possible? Please read on for some examples of challenges faced and how we can solve them through art therapy…

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