Sometimes we need a little help getting in touch with our intimate selves.

Intimage Creative Arts Therapy continues to develop and offer innovative products to help you deepen your connection to your intimate self outside of art therapy sessions or used alone.

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Visual Mantras. The Mountain Collection.

$39.50 CAD


Relaxation, an essential ingredient in connection, sexuality and all aspects of daily life.

These mantras can be used to focus, internalize intention, practice meditation or as a mindfulness exercise. 

Each copy contains four cards (12.7 cm x 15.25 cm) with illustrations of the mountain. These cards represent the basic elements: fire, water, earth and air. In addition, an explanation of mountain symbolism and instructions are provided.

The mountain collection is available in a printed version for shipping in Canada.

An eco-friendly product made locally. 🍁

Visual Mantras TO GO. The Mountain Collection.

FREE with love*


Focus and deepen an intention or practice of a meditation or mindfulness exercise anywhere. Treat yourself with the digital versions of the visual mantra cards from the mountain collection for smartphone, computer or tablet for free.

* Free for those that have purchased the print version.