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Tap into your innate creativity to live your best romantic, intimate, and sexual life.

I am an art therapist specializing in intimacy and sexuality.

Hi, I am Andrea Cook!

My practice supports all genders and people in all relationships looking to define, embody, and communicate their connections to love, sex, and intimacy. Through creativity and mindfulness work I will support you in your journey to transforming your intimate experience.

My practice values communication, trust, and love. I offer a range of art-based therapies for intimacy and sexuality.

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I offer art therapy for men, women, and gender nonbinary clients, or art therapy for couples and polyamorous relationships. Together we will work through any difficulties you are facing with your mental health, relationships, intimacy, communication, and sexuality. 

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"Couple’s Art Therapy allowed us to find a neutral and playful space where each of us were able to express our emotions, needs, struggles, and thanks to Andrea’s techniques, we set aside the knots in order to look at each other clearly once again. A space of truce and rekindling."

— Juliette

"Andrea is a very sensitive therapist and is attentive to the needs expressed or perceived, the sessions with her helped me better understand my feelings and guided me towards new possibilities for expansion."

— Karen